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The Clearvision 20/20 pre amp is so revealing and neutral that it has no sound of its' own. Auditions have found this unsettling and eerie. Probably related to the -114dBa noise level and the ability to use 75 ohm terminated cabling for long runs without loss. Four matched transistors on the same substrate in a fully complimentary arrangement make up the unity gain buffer stage used in the 20/20. There is no loop type feedback used as the circuit is intrinsically linear, 0.1% THD at 6 volts output. Eagle 20/20 input impedance is 100,000 ohms and is rated for output loads down to 25 ohms for use with terminated cables.

Macrovision power amplifier is the fully gestated result of lifetimes of amplifier research. Two separate amplifiers are used to achieve a balanced output. These amplifiers perform in absolute symmetry and are arranged to cancel each others distortions. What remains is only the music, free of anything but incredible resolution and depth of nuance. The Macrovision uses new current balance input. Voltage is converted to current via an input resistor. Current gain amplifiers have almost no voltage change inside the circuitry greatly reducing the effects of stray capacitances. A current to voltage converter is the final stage where current gain is converted back to voltage. This is coupled to the revised standard Eagle high current output stage. Fixed value bias diodes are now used in place of adjustable type. What does this mean. Stark simplicity! The amplifier module has only thirty-five parts, less power supplies. Ten transistors do the magic and the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.

The Eagle fully integrated circuit amp, using all IC design, is the highest performance for cost amplifier available. The use of integrated circuits allows extremely low parts count featuring unprecedented amounts of gain. The mono version has 165 watts at 8 ohms with open loop gain of a staggering 450dB. That is, as a number, 31622776601683793319989 times the input signal. That's a lot of gain! Sound is like an Eagle 4. Drive current is 22 amps peak to peak. This amp is found in the Studio Live monitor system powering all loudspeakers.

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