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In the land of loudspeaker specifications, the standard used for loudspeaker performance is "Make it look good for marketing."

Here at Eagle, we see no advantage in entertaining the notion a particular frequency characteristic at some tiny microphone point lends any broad validation to a loudspeakers performance. A loudspeaker radiates energy over a wide angle and at many frequencies with even the simplest sine wave input signal. Measuring response at a microphone point does not even come close to fully representing the energy radiation characteristics of any loudspeaker, ours or theirs. Blathering on about "special characteristics" and audio minutia further serves to confuse the issues to the point of obscuring the facts. At Eagle, the facts are all that matter, and the fact is we build loudspeaker systems with amps and drivers designed to work together. We have extensive driver expertise within our small company. This is why we make all of our own drivers These components are in cabinets cut by computer controlled machines and are precise in a way no hand work can match. These are things that are truly important You must place your faith in our ability to build what is right and good.

Do we use test equipment? LOTS.. Not only do we have a raft full of the industry standards like TEF, IASYS, LMS, HP distortion and spectrum analyzers and others, we have test equipment which measure parameters no one else cares of or may even know exist. These tools allow us to pry secrets from drivers leading to clearer understanding of transducer operation. For example, how many manufacturers can you name who have tested their prototype drivers in a vacuum? This and other specialized testing has told us of many driver ailments which we have been identifying and trying to fix for most of our lives. These drivers are the culmination of that effort. Are they perfect? Far from it. Are they less flawed than others drivers? We truly believe so and we have many tests which show this to be so, including listening. With the rare tool of audiographic hearing to aid us, we have gone down paths others have argued are just plain unreasonable and unidentifiable. We say, just because you cannot identify and measure some aspect does not in any way mean we at Eagle cannot.

In the end, there are masters of modern mythisms who claim performance from systems which fly in the face of reason and physics. We cannot give credence or space to the non-sense and zeal with which these masters expel the benefits of supernatural claims. Using terms of science to enhance their righteous gospel, they lead many to believe their pseudo scientific knowledge combined with their magic dust is the holy grail of loudspeaker design. Do they know many things? Yes. Do they have a good grasp of the big picture? Not even in their wildest dreams. It is the big picture that is important. It is the big picture which taught Eagle that everything a loudspeaker produces must be in harmony. All drivers must dance in synchronicity. Drivers moving out of time with one another is very bad. Simply saying a first order crossover insures correct time performance is an outright lie. If loudspeaker design was so simple, there would be no room for debate among loudspeaker users because all the questions would have been answered long, long ago. Eagle has designed through development a series of drivers and speakers which are intended to reproduce music. They reproduce music because they all work together in harmony with radiation characteristics which add up to the closest approximation to the original signal we know how to achieve. This does not mean some tiny location sounds and measures well, it means the signal coming from the loudspeaker fills the room with the same energy and impact that was recorded into the source material. A snare drum pops, a voice trembles, and most of all, the loudspeakers cannot be heard because they simply disappear into the music.

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