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The design goal was to create a system to produce live sound pressure levels with distortion of frequency, time, and energy below the human ear. The Eagle amplifiers were designed to match the Eagle low time error drivers. Directly coupling an Eagle amplifier to each Eagle driver results in extremely low distortion at high sound pressure levels. Eagle shaded (phased) array technology results in exceptionally low distortion, grossly improved signal to noise ratio, and reduced time error. Arrays also control the directivity, placing the sound at the listening position with a relatively constant angle of radiation. This allows every person in the listening area to hear the same presentation because there is only one main lobe. The use of digital signal processing and electronic shading ahead of the amplifiers allows us to accomplish dynamic tracking of the different drivers so voicing of the system will not change with sound pressure levels. This DSP system provides precise protection for drivers and amplifiers while allowing tuning of response and equalization to the room. Digital crossovers allow adjustment of parameters which plague anyone trying to set up an accurate monitoring system. All adjustments can now be made with the click of a mouse. Matching of individual elements and channels to 0.3dB is possible. The result is precise tuning of the loudspeaker to the room. Loudspeakers and rooms are completely interdependent and inseparable. Eagle provides on site calibration of every Studio Live system so performance near the theoretical model may be achieved.

The total power per cabinet for midbass is 700 Watts and total power for tweeters is 420 Watts. Distortion at 103dB SPL at 1 meter is less that 1% from 80Hz-5kHz with peak output capacity over 123dB per cabinet. This low distortion allows a large dynamic range (*not signal range) of over 40dB at an output level of 103dB for the Studio Live.

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