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Bass is about notes, not vibrations. Distortion causes harmonic noise at higher frequencies. This distortion masks true bass. Fundamental bass notes require low distortion. Every driver has a dedicated 150 watt amp of Eagle heritage with an open loop gain over 430dB. This is how to achieve amplifier damping of dynamic transducers. Applying unprecedented amounts of feedback keeps the drivers linear in a way never before possible. Drivers are mounted in/out to maximize linearity for less than 3% distortion at 30Hz with 103dB output. (Eagle Submission)

Bass Mint unavailable 8 woof gets new cast basket 10 woof

Eagle scientifically developed woofer specifications for reliability and performance. Every driver in the
Eagle Subwoofers is produced with massive magnets, rubber surrounds, composite cones, cast baskets, and adequate venting for extended motion with low distortion

inside Bass Mint

Bass Mint

inside Submission


Eagle cabinets are precision machined, cross braced, interlocked and damped. Panels are random sized and glued with our flexable adhesive to limit vibrations that produce distortions.

intelligent interface module

The Eagle Intelligent Interface Module offers two crossover types to match your loudspeaker system. Phase, frequency, and amplitude controls allow fine tuning. Eagle includes a system setup information sheet to return to Eagle. We calculate the correct settings for your system and room from the information sheet data.

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