Eagle Audience

the inside story

6 mid

6.5" midrange massive magnet composite cone rubber surround matched pairs


dividing network time compensated precision parts
bi-wired posts pure copper wire


titanium dome low resonance fluid cooled and damped matched pairs

Audience inside Audience

Eagle cabinets are precision machined, braced and damped. The cabinet face contains diffraction control. Custom finishes are available. The magnetically attractive grill can easily be removed and reattached for listening.

Recognizing many enthusiasts already own amplifiers, Eagle offers the opportunity to experience two of the three refined sciences which make Eagle amplified speakers so incredible. The Eagle Audience uses the same solid machined cabinet and custom matched drivers as the Eagle On Stage without Eagle amplifiers. Eagle designed a passive crossover permitting any amplifier to easily drive the 6-12 ohm resistive load for optimal performance. With the ability to handle 745 watt peaks with low distortion, the Audience will play loud and clean for many years! So hook up your favorite amplifier, then add an Eagle amplified subwoofer or two for bottom end muscle.

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