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EKSC accept checks, money orders payable to Eagle,
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NEW Electronics for 2011! Computer Sound Cards

Two RCA Analog Channels In and Out, PCI card with SP/DIF, Digital Audio, and MIDI $295
Eight Analog Channels In and Out, PCI card with SP/DIF, Digital Audio, and MIDI $495
Eight channel includes bass management software for A/V surround use and two balanced inputs for dynamic microphone or line level use.
Sound is typically Eagle, clear, smooth, dynamic, and difficult to beat at any higher price.
ProTools compatible.

EKSC Eagle upgrades, services, parts, and kits. Contact Eagle for details.

Eagle 2 series


Two year warranty, Shipping Included with Major Service Packages----
Chassis size 5.25H x 16W x 10D
Last New Retail Price in 2002- $2995
Replacement Switch $18, Two switches $26
Service Estimates- $80 plus return shipping
Cleaning, Service and Calibration Includes Many Upgrades $225
High Thermal Capacity Heat Sinks: $395
Above Charges May Be Applied Toward All Conversions, Repairs, and Upgrades

Replace all capacitors including all model specific upgrades, 2 year warranty $595
Recap is our most popular service. 100% customer satisfaction!

Conversion of Eagle 2, 2a, 2a, or 2b into: Eagle 4 $1195; Eagle 11 or Eagle HC $1295
Conversion of Early Eagle 2c into with recap: Eagle 4 $795; Eagle 11 or Eagle HC $895
Conversion of Late Eagle 2c into with recap: Eagle 4 $695; Eagle 11 or Eagle HC $795
Conversion of Eagle 400 to Eagle 11 with recap - Serial Number Less Than 10,000 $1195
Serial Numbers Greater Than 10,000: Early 400 $795 ; Late 400 $695
Conversion only to mono or stereo with no other service $295
Shock mount and and shield transformer $180 with other service

Eagle 7 series


Two year warranty including shipping----
Chassis Size 10.5H x 17W x 18D
Last New Retail Price in 1983-$4995
Service Manual: $35
Prices below are for complete undamaged Eagle 7 AMPLIFIERS ONLY*
Calibration $695
Double Cap, Refurbished, 2 Year Warranty $1995

New pricing reflects the much greater effort required to bring the Eagle 7 to a much higher standard than ever before. Use of new precision parts and parts availability has become quite difficult whereas custom parts must be ordered. Every Eagle 7 has some unique issue which must be solved for its' special situation.

*The Eagle 7 has earned the dubious honor of being the most broken Eagle amplifier that can still pass a signal. Your Eagle 7 may appear to work yet need much repair. The state of your amp can only be determined by Eagle qualified service. Repairs to broken Eagle 7s not fixed by the upgrade incur additional charges. This is primarily related to damage to printed circuit boards or missing parts and components.

Electro-Research Class A-75

One year warranty including shipping---
Chassis 7.5H x 17W x 18D
Last New Retail Price in 1976-$3995
Upgrade Service Notes and Upgrade Schematic- $45
Complete Rebuild Service with massive reliability increase and substantial circuit modifications. All upgrades and calibration including new power transistors where applicable.- $2995

Eagle 2000

Eagle 2000 line section only (new) $995
Eagle 2000 upgrade line section only $695

Electro-Research EK-1

EK1 service retipping available by 3rd party $2495
EK1 potted modules $495 each

RCA Terminated Interconnects

Interconnects Using EKSC Standard Wire $125 pair


NEW- Eagle 6.5 inch midrange woofer $200 per matched pair plus shipping.

Audience specify natural oak, piano black oak, or studio black. $1776 pair

Studio Live Two arrays (one pair) including ten midranges, fourteen tweeters, three Submission double ten inch subwoofers, thirty amplifiers, and DSP control. Includes on site calibration by Eagle after installation. Studio black finish $59,995

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