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Russell and Matthew

Russell Sherwood

I built my first loudspeaker at age ten, and it was not the best or worst. My love of music and playing instruments lead me to specialize in loudspeaker design and room acoustics with the addition of undergraduate research at U of Kansas. After college, I moved to Colorado, set up and funded my private research facility to discover the facts about how amplifiers really work and investigate the details of loudspeaker design. After 20 years or research, starting in 1978 running to 1998, I came to clearly understand electronic amplification and perfected my basic universal amplifier designs. On the other hand, many aspects of loudspeakers were never quite right which has been the focus of recent research. This research has resulted in unique loudspeaker designs which enjoy an unprecidented alive sound and room filling lifelike character.

Matthew Bertram

started playing woodwind instruments in the 50's. He performed in a tenor band during high school and college. After graduating from the University of Illinois, he helped design, build, and operated one
of the first touring sound systems in Canada and the US. In 1975 he founded August Systems to provide engineering services and professional music products. Many of his loudspeaker designs have been highly praised in the audio press. His innovations are widely imitated in the industry. He always has believed that using electronic control is the key to unlock the mystery of music reproduction. Through extensive testing and electronic modeling he developed controlled directivity tweeters and midranges featured in all Eagle loudspeakers.

Electron Kinetics was founded in 1982 by John Gordon Iverson after the breakup of Electro Research in 1981. Electro reasearch built one of the first succesful fully complementary transistor amplifier ever made making solid state a reality instead of a dream. Followed closely by the Electro Reasearch EK-1 strain gauge phono preamplifier the stainless steel trimmed preamp and power amp are still considered some of the finest audio ever made. The later Electron Kinetics first product was the huge and powerful Eagle 7. Then In 1995 Russell and Matthew met and discovered their mutual love of music and developed a clearer understanding of the big picture. Amplifiers and loudspeakers must function as a system. With several new sources of information and well stimulated creativity, Matthew and Russell designed new drivers bringing together all we knew and learned and created the branch of EKSC known as Eagle Audio. Very substantial increase in amplifier knowledge has allowed all Electro Research, Electron Kinetics, and EKSC Eagle products to be upgraded to continue incredible performance from these earlier robust designs.

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